The Confessions of Catherine de Medici

I finished reading this book last week and thought I would share it with you all…enjoy!

“The last legitimate descendant of the illustrious Medici line, Catherine suffers the expulsion of her family from her native Florence and narrowly escapes death at the hands of an enraged mob. While still a teenager, she is betrothed to Henri, son of Francoise I of France, and sent from Italy to an unfamiliar realm where she is overshadowed and humiliated by her husband’s lifelong mistress. Ever resilient, Catherine strives to create a role for herself through her patronage of the famous clairvoyant Nostradamus and her own innate gift as a seer. But in her fortieth year, Catherine is widowed, left alone with six young children as regent of a kingdom torn apart by religious discord and the ambitions of a treacherous nobility.

Relying on her tenacity, with, and uncanny gift for compromise, Catherine seizes power, intent on securing the throne for her sons. She allies herself with the enigmatic Protestant leader Coligny, with who she shares an intimate secret, and implacably carves a path toward peace, unaware that her own dark fate looms before her—a fate that, if she is to save France, will demand the sacrifice of her ideals, her reputation, and the passion of her embattled heart.

This story is the extraordinary untold journey of one of the most maligned and misunderstood women ever to be queen.” (from book jacket)

This was one of my favorite quotes…

“How little they know me. How little anyone knows me. Perhaps it was ever my fate to dwell alone in the myth of my own life, to bear witness to the legend that has sprung around me like some venomous bloom. I have been called murderess and opportunist, savior and victim. And along the way, become far more than was ever expected of me, even if loneliness was always present, like a faithful hound at my heels.”


3 thoughts on “The Confessions of Catherine de Medici

  1. Oooh, I’m going to add this book to my shelfari! This looks really great! I’m always fascinated by the reigning queens of the past, since they were so rare in European history.

  2. It looks like an interested book, far from the only image of Catherine de Medici that I have: that of the Movie “La Reine Margot”. There are two versions of this movie and in both of them CdM is depicted as a manipulative witch.

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