South of Broad

I just finished the most amazing book!  My book group, The Book End Divas, read South of Broad by Pat Conroy.  I just loved it!  It was full of descriptive writing that made me feel as if I were in Charleston, SC during the whole story.  I also met a wonderful new man…Leopold Bloom King.  He was the main character of the book, and he was such a southern gentleman.  I will remember him my whole life.

Here is a synopsis of the book…Leopold Bloom King has been raised in a family shattered–and shadowed–by tragedy.  Lonely and adrift, he searches for something to sustain him and finds it among a tightly knit group of high school outsiders.  Surviving marriages happy and troubled, unrequited loves and unspoken longings, hard-won successes and devastating breakdowns, as well as Charleston, South Carolina’s dark legacy of racism and class divisions, these friends will endure until a final test forces them to face something none of them are prepared for.

I also had a few favorite quotes that I would like to share with you…

Pg. 114
“Perfect doesn’t just mean happy.  Perfect can have lots of different parts.”

Pg. 122
He took Starla back into the house, then the prettiest music in the world started pouring out of our living room window into the backyard as the tide rose toward us, moon-summoned and spiced with summer.

Pg. 199
On Sunday morning, I walk my mother up the steps of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptiste, in a bright sunlight that makes the red sandstone building look as though it it bleeding in tones of irregular gold.

Pg. 277
She is caring, devoted, loving and loyal, and it has only gradually dawned on me, these last few days in California, that she is also a compartmental kind of woman.  She has a drawer for family, a drawer for friends, a drawer for house repairs, and a drawer for Leo, her faithful servent and devoted lover.

Pg. 342
Molly took my hand and led me back out onto the dance floor where we danced every dance, slow or fast or in between, for the rest of that magical evening.  Dancing with Molly Huger became the standard by which I measured all the rare incursions of magic into my life.

Pg. 506
I discover that you can dream to waken yourself.  I never knew that.


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