The Zamboni Moment

So I was thinking…about the zamboni.  After viewing my tenth zamboni of the weekend, I stopped watching the machine and decided to look at the faces of those sitting around me.  Just what is it about a zamboni that makes people stop and stare…and I mean stare.

For those of you who don’t know what a zamboni is…and I’m wondering if there is anyone who doesn’t know…a zamboni is a funny looking square shaped machine that cleans the ice between hockey games.  (I’m sure it’s used for much more, but I’ll be darned if I can think of anything else but hockey games.)  The zamboni actually “scratches” off the old ice, and fills in the grooves by spreading HOT water on the newly “scratched” surface.  They have been known to travel at speeds up to 9 miles per hour!

Oh, and I almost forgot the one other thing that a zamboni does…it makes people of all ages stop and stare.  Just what is it about a zamboni that mesmerizes a whole room?  You can’t help but watch.  Down to the end it goes…turns the corner…down to the other end…turns the corner…down to the other end…turns the corner…down to the other end…you get what I mean.  I am thinking that a lot of life decisions, new products, maybe even a divorce or two has been created or decided while watching a zamboni clean the ice.  When you look at it like that, it certainly is quite a machine!  (And I’m not going to lie…it’s so on my bucket list to ride on a zamboni…just once!)

After I finished making up stories for all the people I watched watching the zamboni, I did a little thinking of my own.  I was thinking of all the stuff I had to do when I got home from the day’s hockey games.  And at the same time, I was thinking about how Danny would do in the upcoming game.  Then, the zamboni finished it’s job, drove out the gate, and left behind a fresh, clean, brand-new surface.  Shortly after, Michael and Paul came and sat down beside me, and my Danny glided out onto the ice.   It was then that I realized I didn’t have to think about anything else now but how lucky I am to be able to spend these “zamboni” moments with my boys.  I wonder what will run through my mind the next time I see a zamboni?

If you would like to have your own zamboni moment, click on this link and you can!  Welcome to my world!


3 thoughts on “The Zamboni Moment

  1. I love those things! I think it’s most satisfying to me to see how shiny the ice is. I like the way that the ice looks, so clean and ready to be marked and marred again. I usually try to predict where it’s going to make its turns so that it can be most efficient.

  2. Oh Kim…you are too funny! Now how can we arrange for you to get that zamboni ride you want? I’d love to help you check that off your bucket list.

  3. You know, I always watch to see if the driver misses any spots. A true genius of a zamboni driver never leaves a spot unshaven.
    I have known you long enough to know that you truly were thinking all of these things and probably a few more.

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